Minimalist Skin Care for Families

Minimalism and responsible consumption are goals that distinguish Énamour. We offer a small range of quality health care products with multiple applications. Pure Baby Soap cleanses the skin and the hair, while the Baby Protection Pommade can protect against the cold weather and aid in the treatment of eczema.

Our Story:

In addition to running a full-time business, Marie Custeau is the mother of two boys aged 5 and 7. While working as a Digital Project Manager, Marie found herself searching for skin care products for her children that were safe, effective, and had the same sleek packaging customary to the adult beauty market. Énamour offers products that are easy on the eyes and skin

Our Craftsmanship:

Proudly made in Montreal, all Énamour products are plant based, and free of perfume, paraben, alcohol and petroleum. In addition, they have not been tested on animals. For the sake of the environment, all of our packaging and glass bottles are recyclable.



7 Items Found

7 Items Found