Leny Tomy Factory

Unique, Luxuriously Handmade, Timeless

Over the years, Leny Tomy Factory has developed a special character of “petit couture” that reflects their brands’ taste, uniqueness, quality and philosophy. Each piece is handmade in their signature style, yet influenced by the latest fashion trends while remaining timeless.

Our Story:

Leny Tomy Factory was established in 2008 as a family business. They believe that children should learn the value of aesthetic and good things at an early age, and made it their job to make this clothing timeless. Since then, they continue to develop masterpieces which inspire many little girls and boys lives all around the world.

Our Craftsmanship:

Made in their very own atelier in the center of Riga, all fabrics are carefully handpicked by their team from the best European textiles. Step by step, the luxurious and exclusive fabrics are turned into magical dresses, skirts, shirts and suits. With pride, they put their heart and soul into each garment.

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Leny Tomy Factory

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    Blue Bow Tie
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    Summer Blouse

44 Items Found