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Calming Eye Solution - 30ml

Cooling ritual to soothe eyes. Seasonal weather changes can really affect the eyes, use Calming Eye Solution to soothe the eye area.
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Congestion, excessive rubbing, and other irritants can spell trouble for your baby’s eyes, especially during allergy season. Bambini Furtuna Calming Eye Solution can be used in a cooling ritual to reduce discomfort and soothe bothered eyes with a heritage hydrosol blend of herbs and flowers.

“Itchy eyes can disrupt children’s days — and nights. Typically, when a child has itchy eyes, it’s an allergic reaction (an overreaction) to pollen, dust mites or animal dander. The first thing to do is NOT rub the eye, which can mechanically trigger more histamine release and make the itchy eyes worse. Instead, kids deserve gentle relief to stop the rubbing.” – Dr. Greene

“The idea for Calming Eye Solution came about when I asked Dr. Greene for something that I could use to wipe my children's eyes. I was looking for a product that would help calm their allergies, and also clean off pollen. Because sometimes kids have pollen on their hands from touching grass, and then they touch their eyes.” - Co-Founder, Agatha Relota Luczo

  • For ages 6 months and up, or 17 lbs and up.
  • Ritual 1: Seasonal Ritual: Because seasonal changes can really affect the eyes, use Calming Eye Solution in a ritual to ease discomfort.
  • Ritual 2: Anticipation Ritual: Visiting grandma and her cat? Pollen count high today? Calming Eye Solution can be used as a ritual right away.
  • Ritual 3: The Bothered Eye Ritual: When you spot a child rubbing the eyes, using a ritual of Calming Eye Solution on slices of cucumber can be a marvelously soothing step to stop the child rubbing.

Bambini Furtuna products are inspired by local healing traditions from Sicily and made with organic olive oil from La Furtuna Estate

For ages 6 months and up, or 17 lbs and up.

Spray 3 to 6 times onto a clean cotton pad, or soft, clean material and press gently around the eye area.

If you have any reactions to the products or concerns, remove the product from their skin with cool soapy water or flush from the eye with cool water for at least 10 seconds, and contact your pediatrician right away.

  • cucumis sativus (Cucumber) fruit extract*
  • myrtus communis (Myrtle) leaf extract*
  • matricaria recutita (German Chamomile) flower extract*
  • olea europaea (Olive) leaf extract*
  • euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) extract
  • ruta graveolens (Common Rue) extract

*Organic ingredients

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