Organic Face & Body Cream - 100ml

This nourishing cream protects baby’s face and body. Thanks to its natural ingredients (organic marrubium and marigold), Gentle cream is effective in preventing red patches and eczema.
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It is rich in oils (organic sunflower and sweet almond) and in Shea butter, giving it special moisturizing properties that bring softness and comfort to baby’s hyper-sensitive skin every day.

Câlinesse is the first organic Swiss skincare made with donkey’s milk. Donkey’s milk was among the beauty secrets of the Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti and has been known since antiquity for its natural and regenerating properties. Its individual character and scarcity have made it a luxury product, earning it the name “the white gold of cosmetics”. 

Developed by our team, Câlinesse products combine the properties of donkey’s milk and organics plants. The result is an innovative, high-quality skincare range that is natural, suitable to the demands of even the most sensitive skin.

  • Câlinesse products are EcoCert and CosmeBio certified and are created in respect of the environment from their basic ingredients to their packaging. 

After washing, apply with the tips of the fingers in light circular movements working from the center of the face towards the outside. Gently massage so that the skin can absorb the cream. Is also suitable for adults and can be used throughout the day to relieve dry skin on face, body and hands.

  • Spreads very easily: a small amount is enough
  • donkey's Milk: 30 ml, being 30% rehydrated milk. 
  • aloe vera organic 
  • apricot kernel oil 
  • vegetable squalane 
  • organic sweet almond oil 
  • organic sunflower oil 
  • organic shea butter 
  • camomille organic floral water 
  • 100% natural rice powder 
  • organic white horehound  
  • organic marigold extract

99,8 % of all ingredients are of natural origin.

16,9 % of all ingredients are from Organic Agriculture.

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Câlinesse moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, regenerated and smooth.